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Dark Cloak Hoodie™ (Unisex)

$49.99 $74.99



Hideaway this winter with this cozy, comfy, and dark hoodie. For a relaxed look when your hair isn’t falling quite like you want it to or you REALLY, really don’t want to see anyone. Extremely versatile but in our opinion, you can never go wrong with black on black… on black.

  • Polyester Spandex (Synthetic) & not available in stores
  • Thick, Heavy, ultra-warm (perfect for cold winter nights) 
  • Free Worldwide Shipping & 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Weight: 500-800 g depending on size

Please make sure to refer to the size chart below. Do not choose a size based off your country. The chart below is more accurate. If you are uncertain about how to choose your size, you can email us through our contact form. Hope that helps! 

You can use this and a measurable tape for the areas respectively. 

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Any questions prior to purchase, please contact us. We're super responsive even though we can be introverts.