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At Introvert Palace, we strive to provide excellent customer care. This means if there's ever an issue with our product or service, we will do our best to listen to you and come with a solution that works. We believe in people, relationship over profit. We want you to be happy with the products and service you receive from us. Here's what some of our customers are saying about us: 

"In my encounter of Introvert Palace, I have had an amazing experience with them. At the time, I had ordered two separate necklaces for my S.O. They were shipping at otherwise late times, so I decided to e-mail for customer support. Through this, I was met with a kindness and apologetic- and in using that word I do not mean it as an insult- representative of Introvert Palace. Through the constant e-mails back and forth, I could tell that through these conversations the person- or company, I should say- was more focused on helping the customer through sincere words, not profit. So much so that I received a bonus for my two previous purchases, through an exclusive coupon for anything on the store under 20 dollars. This entire endeavor gave me an excellent impression on Introvert Palace, and the customer service it has given me. Quite exceptional, indeed." - 

Devin W. 

As the founder of Introvert Palace, I hope that this online shop can one day become a community for all introverts around the world. Who proudly feel comfortable with who they are by wearing merches that represent their identity.