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Natural Stone Pendants

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Choose your favourite stone, and then never be without it! These pendants will show off your natural side with this series of geometrically cut stones. Able to match any outfit, the chain is a classy-yet-casual link chain. 

Item Type: Necklaces
Fine or Fashion: Fashion
Necklace Type: Pendant Necklaces
Length: 48CM
Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
Shape/pattern: Geometric
Gender: Women
Chain Type: Link Chain

Since many of you have also been asking for symbolism or meanings behind each colour to best suit them against personalities, we've added them. Let us know what you think! :) 

 The small flecks of gold in this stone represent optimism and wealth. The blue colour of the stone itself represents reliability and honour. Marrying these two colours in one beautiful pendant means assured wealth and optimism. By wearing this pendant the universe will surely shower you with happiness and good luck!

 White is the colour of purity and peace. If you suffer from anxiety, this stone is good to keep on hand. The white colour will remind your body to breathe, relax, and ground itself. This way you can reconnect with your inner peace.

 This stone is interesting because of the two colours streaked throughout the stone. Green and black are often thought of as opposite. Green represents freshness and growth, while black represents formality and tradition. If you tend to get stuck in one headspace or another, this stone will help remind you to balance yourself out. The green will keep inciting you to grow, while the black will make sure you stay logical and grounded.

 While quartz is one of the most commonly seen stones in the world, it also has the best meaning. If you have difficulty with slacking off and keeping focused, this pendant can help. Quartz represents clarity, power, and perfection. Wearing this stone will let you unlock your inner superhero… Plus it matches with any outfit!

 Are you an artist? Do you want to be? Orange is the colour of creativity. By mixing the orange with a brown tone, this stone perfectly compliments itself. Brown is the colour of solidity and confidence. Wearing this pendant will give you the confidence to pursue any creative project-- And you’ll likely succeed!

 Release your inner magic with this deep, purple stone. Sophistication and elegance are traits most of us need to develop; very few people are naturally graceful. Wearing this purple pendant will help to enchant those around you by heightening your sophistication and elegance.

 Do you want to tell everyone you’re a creature of the night? This all-black stone will ensure people take your love of darkness seriously. Popular among witches and wizards, black is the colour that sparks magic. Wear this pendant to unlock your inner power… Just be careful you use it for good, not evil!

 We all need a reminder of how far we’ve come sometimes. This pendant’s purple moves from light to dark, showing the progression of power inside of it. If you’ve ever felt defeated, but overcame that to become a better person, this is the stone for you. Light purple hints at indecision and hesitation, while the dark purple is strength and elegance. Celebrate your success with this wonderful necklace.

 The blueness of this stone screams “trust me”.  Because this stone is a light blue and not a dark blue, the meaning is much more fun and playful than that of the darker blue stones. While this doesn’t diminish its power, it does mean there’s more optimism inherent in this stone. If you’re the one your friends go to for advice, or if you want to be that person, this is the stone you need.

 Red is the most intense colour. Representing boldness, passion, energy, love, and anger, this stone is great if you sometimes need a kick to get started on things. It will invigorate you and feed your intensity, and the gold sparkles add a hint of optimism. This pendant is also a great gift to give to a lover, as it will show them how passionate you are about the relationship.

 This light green is an optimistic colour. Representing freshness and calm, this stone is great for anyone who gets bogged down with past troubles. Let the light green wash over yourself and instantly any situation will feel better. This pendant is a good choice for anyone suffering from anxiety or depression.

 This opalescent stone is a stunningly nuanced blend of white, pink, and yellow. In blended-colour stones like this the meaning changes depending on what’s needed. The white base colour represents purity, letting other meanings come through when you need them the most. The yellow shine will come through when you need a lively pick-me-up. The pink shine will come through when you need some help in the love department. The blue shine will give you the calmness you need. This is the most adaptable of all the stones.

  Quartz is the most powerful of all the stones, but very seldom is it mixed with such an intense colour. Pink is the colour of love and femininity. By combining this with the quartz base, you have a strong stone that uses femininity as its power source. This is a great gift for any significant other, mother, or sister you have, as it will help them tap into their raw feminine power!


The light pink of this stone is a nurturing colour. Delicate and pure, the grey line going up the middle is an interesting piece to note. Grey gives the nurturing calmness a strength and intelligence that’s not inherent otherwise. This stone represents smart self-care; if you let yourself get overcome with emotion or worry, we recommend wearing this stone as a reminder to keep loving yourself.

 This stone is interesting because it’s a mixture of many colours. Some people will see red and green, while others will see orange and brown. This depends on what type of help you need. The stripes represent continuous balance. If you’re an artist, this could be the stone that helps you find the confidence and profitability in your creative works. If you’re a business owner, this could help you find the balance of risk and reward. Regardless, you’ll be able to keep yourself in balance with this beautiful pendant.

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